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Church planting

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Looking forward…

It’s been some time since I last blogged … in part because I’ve been working on and writing the content for our church plant website, which all being well will go live at some point mid-August. (From then on, I will be blogging via that site so keep an eye out at http://www.onelifeslough.org.uk from then … Continue reading

X1 Watford

On Wednesday evening I went across to Watford to take part in a prayer meeting which was being held by a church called X1. Simon Leigh-Jones, one of their leaders, had invited me to join them so that they could pray for me and for what God has called us to here in Slough. Church … Continue reading

Three Empty Chairs

As a church plant we are currently weighing up what our next move should be … what step of faith we should take over the coming months to create space for God to add others to us and strengthen our core. Yesterday, we set aside time to fast and pray about this, so last night … Continue reading

Westpoint 2013 – Special Offer!

This summer as a church plant we are going to an event called Westpoint. Westpoint is an event where people from churches across the UK and further afield can gather to LEARN from God’s word, LOVE one another and God, then GO to see the good news about Jesus reach those around them and across the … Continue reading

Laser Quest – Sunday 17th February

This coming Sunday as a church plant we are off to the laser quest at Sector 7 in Maidenhead. We have booked a slot from 3pm till 4pm. The cost will be £8 per adult and £2 per child/young person. The address of the venue is … Tenpin Maidenhead | St. Clouds Way | Holmanleaze … Continue reading

Church Planting Testimonies

Recently … on the same day in fact … I heard the testimonies of 2 different couples involved in 2 different church plants in 2 very different parts of the UK. The first was an elderly couple who had wondered whether they might be too old to get involved in a church plant. It was … Continue reading

Come and See

Some time ago, I was reading John 1:35-46 … an account of how some of Jesus’ first disciples started following him. Two things stood out for me as I was reading this account. The first was that Jesus didn’t call his initial band of followers all by himself – others were involved. So, in these verses, … Continue reading

This is how we change the world

A couple of weeks ago as a church plant we watched ‘This is how we change the world’ – a documentary about the first 5 years of Elevation Church, Charlotte in the United States. In its first 5 years as a church Elevation saw over 11,000 people make a commitment to follow Jesus. I try … Continue reading

Rigas Maratons 2013!

Church planting is hard. Church planting from scratch (i.e. by moving to a new place without an initial team of 15 to 20 people)  is harder still. With a year of attempting the latter under my belt I feel I am entitled to say this. That said, I am glad that when I moved to … Continue reading

It’s a Matter of Life and Death!

Last Thursday morning I was getting into my car when a man cycled past my house. Nothing unusual about that. As I pulled out of my drive, though, and drove along behind him I suddenly noticed what was written on the back of his coat. In large, white, bold print letters on the back of … Continue reading