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Slough Church Plant

Come and See

IMG_5566Some time ago, I was reading John 1:35-46 … an account of how some of Jesus’ first disciples started following him. Two things stood out for me as I was reading this account.

The first was that Jesus didn’t call his initial band of followers all by himself – others were involved. So, in these verses, we read that Andrew was responsible for bringing Simon Peter to Jesus. I find this very encouraging, especially as someone who is looking to gather others with a view to seeing a new church started here in Slough. I find it encouraging because if even Jesus didn’t call his initial band of followers all by himself, it means that others will undoubtedly have a part to play in helping to gather the initial group of people who will be involved in seeing a church planted here.

Who knows … maybe that will include you. Maybe you know someone who works in or near Slough, someone for whom Slough (the town itself or somewhere nearby) would be a good base. Maybe you know someone who in the past has thought that a church plant might be something that they’d like to get involved in. If so, why don’t you encourage them to get in touch to find out more?

The second thing that stood out for me from this account was Philip’s response to Nathanael’s reaction when he told him that he had found Jesus. Nathanael’s reaction is, “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” to which Philip responds, “Come and see”.

Elephant in the room time here. It’s no secret that Slough is often seen or viewed in much the same way as Nazareth was viewed in Nathanael’s day. Sadly, I have discovered that this is even the case among some Christians. Having lived here for over a year now, I think that Slough is not only a great place to live but also a great place to get involved in a church plant. As the most ethnically diverse local authority in the UK outside of London, it is one of only 3 towns in the UK where no ethnic group is in the majority. 126 languages are spoken here! What a great context in which to get involved in a church plant and play a part in bringing the call of Jesus to the nations of the world. Maybe, you too, like Nathanael should “Come and see”.

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Friend of Jesus ... honey to Ruth ... daddy to Ketsia and Lois. Starting a new church in Slough!


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