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Laser Quest – Sunday 17th February

This coming Sunday as a church plant we are off to the laser quest at Sector 7 in Maidenhead. We have booked a slot from 3pm till 4pm. The cost will be £8 per adult and £2 per child/young person. The address of the venue is … Tenpin Maidenhead | St. Clouds Way | Holmanleaze … Continue reading

Church Planting Testimonies

Recently … on the same day in fact … I heard the testimonies of 2 different couples involved in 2 different church plants in 2 very different parts of the UK. The first was an elderly couple who had wondered whether they might be too old to get involved in a church plant. It was … Continue reading

Come and See

Some time ago, I was reading John 1:35-46 … an account of how some of Jesus’ first disciples started following him. Two things stood out for me as I was reading this account. The first was that Jesus didn’t call his initial band of followers all by himself – others were involved. So, in these verses, … Continue reading