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Comma or full stop? #5

Matt 2-1-12This is the final post in a series of posts entitled ‘Comma or full stop?’ In each post, I have been using the above phrase from Coldplay’s song ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’ to look at what I think it means, as a Christian, to be a comma rather than a full stop. Each post is based on Matt 2:1-12 … part of Matthew’s account of the Christmas story.

The fourth or final thing, then, that I am learning about what it means as a Christian to be a comma rather than a full stop is this…

4. Worship Jesus.

Christians talk a lot about worship and nowadays in particular use this word without really giving very much thought (often) to what it actually means. In fact, the word worship can mean many different things. Just look at this passage. It can involve bowing down. It should involve giving generously, i.e. from whatever it is you have that you treasure, and ultimately it may well cost you your life.

This is what it seems to have meant for these Magi. Remember … they had spent almost 2 years preparing their journey, following the star and searching for Jesus. So, today, as the Christian church worldwide celebrate Epiphany – the coming of the wise men – their sacrifice seems a fitting note upon which to conclude this series. And if we don’t want to see another generation drop but would rather be a comma than a full stop, it’s a note we too must sound. Worship Jesus … like the Magi from the east.

It’s what we as a family intend to do as we embark upon this new year looking to see a new church started here in Slough. But that said, “Great churches” as Bryan Houston from Hillsong writes, “are not built on the gifts and talents of a few, but on the sacrifices of many.” Who knows, maybe God is calling you, just like he did the Magi, to follow whatever He’s using to get your attention, to make the journey here, and to join us … another comma in a world of full stops.

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