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Barbecue – Sunday 8th July

On Sunday we had our latest time together as the beginnings of a ‘gospel community’ here in Slough. Alongside is a photo (from Sunday) of an old croc with one of our team! Our next get-together will be on Sunday 8th July. As we’ll be unable on that occasion to use the venue that we’ve started meeting … Continue reading

What’s a church plant?

Since just before Christmas I have been looking for a part-time job to help support us as a family as we play our part in seeing a new church started here in Slough. So after submitting numerous applications, this week I had my third job interview. This week, as in both of my previous interviews, … Continue reading

Maintaining Perspective

One of the things that is helping me to maintain some level of perspective on what we believe God has called us to be involved in here in Slough is reading, listening to, and learning from the stories of others. A few months ago I read the story of the King’s Church, High Wycombe – … Continue reading