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Tony and the Recycled Teenagers Club

This is a photo of Tony Smeaton. For many years now Tony, with the help of others (his wife included), has been running various activities at the Recycled Teenagers Club in Britwell, Slough. So, for example, every Wednesday Tony and his team run a lunch club for 60, 70, perhaps even 80+ senior citizens who … Continue reading

Life in The Crowded House

Below is an interesting video on ‘gospel communities’ that I stumbled across recently. Not that we are just trying to replicate this per se. Enjoy … if you decide to spend the 6 minutes or so that it takes to watch it. It’s even got a catchy tune … or at least I thought so!

Riga Maratons and Church Plant

Last weekend I spent 3 days in Riga, the capital city of Latvia. Believe it or not, Riga is twinned with Slough! While I was there, I took part on Sunday morning in the Rigas Maratons. This event consists of a 5km race, a 10km race, a half marathon and a full marathon. I competed in the 10km … Continue reading

Children and Church Planting!

Around a year ago, as we were in the process of weighing up the possibility of moving to Slough, Abbey Tebb (Abbey is married to Mark – together they are planting Freedom Church in Haringey, London) had a picture of our girls, where even though at that stage they were lagging behind Ruth and myself … Continue reading

ONE Life Community

We have now met on 3 occasions in a small group type context as we look to see a community of 12 to 15 adults (plus children and young people) begin to take shape here in Slough by the end of the year. To date, we have had 10 adults, 2 young people and 2 … Continue reading

Is your church an evangelical golf club?

This morning I read the following… “It seems to me that the great difference between practical theism and practical atheism is the church of the living God. Jesus is alive, and we can’t keep that a secret. It is not okay to think,’When they get to know us, they’ll realize that Jesus is alive’. It has … Continue reading

Using all the Wrong People

One of the things I am grateful for as we continue exploring the possibility of planting a church in Slough is that Jesus said he would build his church (see Matthew 16:18) and that what he has called us to is to “go and make disciples” (see Matthew 28:19). One of the things I have … Continue reading

“Your salvation makes amends for all His sufferings.”

“Out of the anguish of his soul he shall see and be satisfied.” Isaiah 53:11 Continue reading