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A Spring in my Step!

In a few weeks time I will be taking part in the Rigas Maratons. This event consists of a 5km race, a 10km race, a half marathon and a full marathon. (Just so that it’s clear … you choose one of the distances, rather than do all 4! ) Due to knee injuries I have had in … Continue reading

Christianity Explored

We will be running another Christianity Explored course starting at the end of this month. You can find out more about the course, as well as a link with a map of the location of the venue by clicking here.

“All life-changing love is substitutionary sacrifice”

Something to ponder (perhaps) over the course of the next 2 or 3 days… “Jesus didn’t have to die despite God’s love; he had to die because of God’s love. And it had to be this way because all life-changing love is substitutionary sacrifice. Think about it. If you love a person whose life is all put together … Continue reading