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Automatic Doors and Asian Food

This morning we went along to Jubilee Church, Shepperton. I am speaking at their carol service next Sunday evening and as there were no morning services at King’s Church, High Wycombe today, this morning provided the ideal opportunity for me to get a little bit of a feel for Jubilee before pitching up next Sunday.

During the service, Vic, one of the leaders, brought a picture about automatic doors. Following some of my recent posts on guidance this got me thinking … automatic doors only open when you start walking towards them. This is my experience at least, yet often I think we expect God to clearly open great doors for us before we are prepared to start walking. Just a thought!

Then, this evening, we went along to the Christmas celebrations of one of the Asian fellowships / churches in Slough itself. We had been invited by our friends Asif & Naveela. The service lasted for about 3 hours (I think they’d planned for one) and was mostly in Urdu or Punjabi. As I can’t speak either, I’m not sure which it was. Asif had asked me to speak (which I did in English). It seemed to be well received. A number of people gave me positive feedback, saying that it was helpful because it was simple and straight to the point.

Afterwards, we enjoyed some exquisite Asian food, prepared by an Asian gentleman who owns at least 3 restaurants – one in Oxford, one in Tooting and one in Amsterdam. This is now the second time we have been out for an Asian meal since we moved to Slough and have not had to pay on either occasion. Bonus!

I think we are beginning to enjoy living here.

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