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Slough Church Plant

An Open House and Empty Fridge

Last weekend we moved our fridge/freezer to the house we have bought in Slough. This was the first ‘bigger’ item from among our personal possessions that we’ve moved to what will be our new home.

In part of the prophecy we received at the beginning of this year, Julian Adams said, “There’s a real anointing on you for discipleship. It’s like you’re going to have an open house and an empty fridge, very often.”

In their book ‘Total Church’, Tim Chester & Steve Timmis write “To be a community of light from which the light of Christ will emanate we need to be intentional in our relationships”. We hope that these won’t be the only times when our house is open or our fridge empty as a result, but if Chester and Timmis are right (and I for one believe they are) then we need to be intentional in starting to build community and relationships with others.

One of the things we’ll therefore be doing between now and the end of the year is holding several ‘Open House, Empty Fridge’ evenings. These will be from 7:30pm on the 2nd Thursday of October, November and December. Here are the dates:

Thursday 13th OctoberPasta & Prayer
Thursday 10th NovemberPizza & Prayer
Thursday 8th DecemberPudding & Prayer

Please come along if you would like to…

Eat some free food. Anyone is more than welcome to join us, even if you only come because you’re hungry and/or like food! Please try to let us know in advance, though, if you are planning to come. You can call us on 0843 2895894 or drop us an email at sloughchurchplant@me.com
Enquire about why we have moved to Slough and what we’re planning to get up to.
Explore the possibility of getting involved.
Encourage us. At the moment it’s just us as a family! We don’t know anyone else in Slough so it goes without saying that we’d appreciate all the encouragement we can get.
Encounter Jesus. We plan to set aside some time during each evening to look to Him.

About Colin

Friend of Jesus ... honey to Ruth ... daddy to Ketsia and Lois. Starting a new church in Slough!


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