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Family, The Story So Far

Burnham Borders

We have had an offer accepted on a house in Slough – a modest 3 bed end of terrace. The house is in part of Slough known as Burnham Borders.

We had been leaning more towards this house than any of the others we had viewed, one of the reasons for this being its location. It seems to fit well with part of the prophecy we received from Julian Adams, i.e. “I feel like I see you on the border of a very affluent community and a very poor community. Where you’re going to be. You’re bordering.”

We have also visited one of the local primary schools with Ketsia and Lois – Lynch Hill Primary School. Ketsia and Lois thought it was big – they have over 600 pupils on roll. The school itself don’t perceive there being any problems in us being able to get a place for both of our girls there.

So I am thankful that God seems to have provided somewhere for us to live and a school for our children to attend. And I am praying that Ketsia and Lois will settle quickly whenever we do eventually move and that they will both make new friends.

I am also praying for others to join our team – more about that in future posts!

About Colin

Friend of Jesus ... honey to Ruth ... daddy to Ketsia and Lois. Starting a new church in Slough!


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