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Naturally Supernatural

The second significant moment took place a couple of weeks before our meeting with Mark and Sean at the end of January this year.

One of the things we’d planned to talk about was when we might be able to share what we’d been feeling God had been saying to us with the church in Caversham.

A couple of weeks before that meeting Ruth and I attended a Thursday morning regional leaders’ meeting in Woking as part of the Naturally Supernatural Conference that was being held in our region that weekend. Julian Adams shared and then moved into a time of ministry during which he prophesied the following over us…

“Is there somebody who lives on a street or connected to a street “Grosvenor”? I just see like a name “Grosvenor”. I don’t know if that means something to anyone. If that’s you, can you quickly put up your hand? You might live on that street, or there might be something connected to that street or it might be the name of a building, but I can see in my mind the word spelled out, “Grosvenor”. Did that make sense to anyone? Cause I could be wrong, but I’m just going to step out.

Going once … no one? Okay.

Colin: Possibly!

Julian: How does that make sense to you?

Colin: My landlord, my ex-landlord lives on a street called “Grosvenor”.

Julian: Okay. Well, we’ll pray for you, let’s pray for you, cause I just saw that word so I’m willing to go with that. I’ll take it whatever I can. Stand up, let’s pray. What’s your name? … Sorry?

Colin: Colin

Julian: Colin! Mmmh!!

“Thank you Lord for Colin, thank you for the anointing upon this man, thank you for the gift in this man, thank you that you’re doing a new thing.”

Colin, I see, I see “systems”, the word “systems”, I see the word “structure” over you. I see the word “architectural blueprints” over you. There’s something about the way that you think and the way that you build; it’s got to do with structure.  It’s almost like I can see you overseeing things and putting stuff together in a really good way and I feel like God is wanting to really shape that and is wanting to couple that with a prophetic gift, actually. I believe God’s wanting to unlock an ability to put things together and to build things according to the blueprint of heaven. And I believe God’s going to begin to show you some things in this next season, God’s going to begin to unveil some things in this next season for you, that is going to blow you away. Okay.

Are you married?

Colin: Yep!

Julian: Is that your wife? Do you want to stand up? We like prophesying over couples. God’s really put you together. You guys are like opposites attract in terms of your personalities. Okay. In terms of who you are. And I believe God is wanting to really shape you in this season as a couple who’ll be very influential in helping people locate destiny, in helping disciple people. There’s a real anointing on you for discipleship. It’s like you’re going to have an open house and an empty fridge, very often. Cause there’ll be lots of people around you all the time and you’ll be feeding, and loving, and caring. And there’s something about your ability to disciple leaders. Not just anyone, but leaders, who’ll come through in this next season. And God’s really going to shape some things on you and through you and in you as you begin to serve in the place that you’re in.

I feel like I can see the words “church plant” over you, okay. And I feel like God is either getting you ready, or you’re in the process of considering a church plant or going somewhere. Does that make sense? Alright, okay, good. God is really preparing you and is shaping you for this and God says to you that one of the key ways that you’re going to build your church is through celebration. That you’re to be a very celebrative people. You’re going to have lots of parties. You’re going to have lots of moments of celebration because there are going to be people who are going to come off streets and places, who were broken and you’re going to teach them how to enjoy God. And you’re going to teach them how to enjoy things. And there’s going to be a real emphasis on deep community through celebration. Okay. And God says to you – you’re to plant not in the conventional way. Cause you’re not conventional people. Alright? You’re to plant what’s in your hearts. Okay? And it might not be the ordinary way of planting, and it might even take a year or two longer for gathering. But God says what I’m going to do with you is going to be very unique to your DNA as a couple, to the way that you build. And God says something unusual: it’s going to be something of a baptism of joy for you in the way that you plant your church. Alright? And you’re to really walk closely to him, cause he’s going to speak to you about the right kind of blueprints and the right kind of mould.

And I feel like I see you on the border of a very affluent community and a very poor community. Where you’re going to be. You’re bordering. I feel like God’s going to give you a building right in the centre. Okay. I don’t know if it’s going to be, it’s almost like I can see like a conferencing looking building that God wants to give you. Like a big glass fronted building that you will have right in the centre between two communities that God will suddenly open for you. And God says to you “I’ll give you favour in that place” in a very significant way.


You can listen to a recording of the above here…

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